Miranda Goes Bridal


Ladies, and ladies… this one’s for you, courtesy of Miranda Lambert and the ACM Awards last Sunday! The Weight of the Wings artist just went down in history as the FIRST female songstress to win Female Vocalist of the Year- wait for it- eight CONSECUTIVE years in a row!! Sorry if it appears that I’m shouting at you through the screen… I kind of am; out of sheer excitement obviously:) Let’s just say she once again beat out the likes of Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves and more. (I do love me some Carrie, though, don’t get me wrong.) Not to mention the fact that she was nominated for five OTHER awards (yes, I know; again with the shouting), and actually walked away with the award for Album of the Year. Oh wait, and she also sang her heart out on stage with an absolutely gorgeous rendition of ‘Tin Man’ straight off her latest album. Someone was certainly having a great night! Blake Shelton, who???

So you’d think I said my piece here, right? Oh, no no no! Miranda may have been the woman of the hour for all the very many aforementioned reasons, but the real reason for the mention of all the very many aforementioned reasons was to mention her grand arrival! In fact it was so grand, they say she stole the show. I’ve seen the pictures; ‘they’ are right! She absolutely stunned in a super fresh, white A-line gown that featured a billowing skirt and pluuuuunging neckline, with all over silver and gold detailing. She kept her accessories to the bare minimum. A diamond necklace, white clutch, and nothing else. She kept her hair slicked back and straight, keeping the focus on her hot body! And let’s not forget her arm candy… A very dapper looking Mr. Anderson East. In fact, her look was positively bridal! Hint, hint;)

Nothing says spring like the color white! Which is precisely why I intend to duplicate Miranda’s look with the freshest white scrub top our site has to offer. Introducing the Heartsoul ‘True Love’ V-neck Top in an absolutely magnificent shade of white! Kidding, it’s good ole’ white:) But it’s sharp, it’s crisp, and while not nearly as plunging as Miranda’s (obvs), it’s got a v-neck shaped just like the one on Miranda’s gown. Plus, it’s practical! What nurse doesn’t love pockets and a hidden headphone cord system?? Exactly! An equally crisp pair of scrub pants, a basic necklace, and slicked back pony are all you need to complete the ensemble. Hello spring!!

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