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Monday Blues by Heidi

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Nurse Reads | 0 comments

image1I’ll share my summer guilty pleasure, if you share yours! Deal?? Here goes. My all-time favorite summer guilty pleasure is watching America’s Got Talent! Yup, secret’s out! I love the fun, the energy, the laughter, the emotional moments, and of course, the TALENT! But the one thing that keeps me coming back for more is the panel of judges; Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and of course Heidi Klum! They’re fantastic at what they do and without them there wouldn’t be a show to watch. And speaking of judges… Do you also wait at the edge of your seat (couch?) to see what Heidi will be wearing for each episode? She is an absolute goddess and literally looks better as she ages! Between me and you, though, her show looks are waaaay too glam for us simple folk to replicate on a day to day basis. However, lucky for all of us she’s been hanging around the Big Apple these days and there are plenty of everyday looks we can ‘steal!’

So get this! Just a few short days ago, Heidi casually stepped out in a royal blue maxi dress by Three Graces London. Normal stuff, right? The dress is made of wrinkle resistant ramie, boasts a voluminous silhouette, and an elastic neckline meant to be worn off the shoulder. Oh, and it costs a cool $740. So yeah, maybe not so normal; for us regular people. But you know, it’s supermodel Heidi Klum, so yes- she CAN rock a pricey maxi and turn a dirty New York City sidewalk into a runway. Obviously! Inflated price tag aside, she paired her boho inspired look with a structured bag in the same bright blue color as her dress, and with See by Chloe leather and denim espadrille wedges. She kept her hair in her signature middle part and rocked some nice looking shades as well. An absolute fashion win for her, in my books!

Like I keep saying, though, we’re ‘regular’ people. And the ‘regular’ people who hang around these pages are actually nurses who need ‘regular’ price tags and scrub versions of every look. So what are we looking at today?? The Sapphire solid v-neck scrub top in Royal. It’s a classic looking top in the exact summery shade of blue as Heidi’s maxi dress, and it costs ‘not $740!’ What I love about this top is that it features feminine shoulder cutouts reminiscent of the exposed shoulder look on the aforementioned dress, but is at the same time completely utilitarian with a host of pockets for all your nursing paraphernalia. Pair with scrub pants of your choice, keep your hair sleek and simple, and Heidi Klum it is!

Oh! And I’m still waiting to hear what YOUR guilty pleasure is;)


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