Mortifying Moments In Scrubs

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Nurses can have crazy schedules, which can make us kind of overtired, and have us get dressed and put on our scrubs in embarrassing ways that that we look back and laugh at.

What I’m thinking of right now is that awkward moment that I discovered that my new scrubs had a fly, which had been down, for the previous 14 hours. LOL!

And that’s not the only crazy story I had…

Imagine getting up REALLY early, and having to drag yourself out of bed… getting dressed, eyes half-closed… I got into my car and realized I was running really late! So I pressed down on the gas, and sped off to work. Oh, the traffic! The beeps! The headache. The days I’m running late are always the days when there’s a terrible rush hour jam. I parked, walked in from the far parking lot (no more spots anywhere closer), crossed the lobby of the hospital and took a crowded elevator to her floor. Now I was wide awake, taking care of patients, one after the next, and one patient was happy to inform me (I never knew this patient had it in him to talk so LOUD and CLEAR!) that my scrub pants were inside out. I can only hope no one else noticed!

Viva, an ASN, RN Guide, used to put her scrubs on with the lights off so as not to wake her husband. One day, when she got to work, she found that she was wearing striped purple and green socks, one with a red patent leather Dansko shoe, and one with an “Oil Slick” Dansko shoe. There was no way anyone missed that!

Every experienced nurse has her hilarious enlightened moment when she realizes what she looks like. What’s your most embarrassing scrub wardrobe malfunction? Share it with us by clicking here; it makes nurses feel better when they know they’re not the only ones doing these things!

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