Nick Cannon Bringing Color Back to Scrubs for Men



American Idol, X Factor, The Voice… The list of reality tv shows on the air is endless, as are the many hits and misses. What has been surprising to many has been the rise in popularity of talent show American’s Got Talent, hosted by the likable Nick Cannon. While the competitions are billed to be about finding true talent, let’s not kid ourselves, a large draw that causes people to tune in is the crazies, the sensational acts, and the glitz and glamour that come along with the performances.

Nick Cannon has created an image for himself that is perfect for hosting such an eclectic show: funny and compassionate, and never one to shy away from making a fashion statement. Get a load of the shiny teal blazer he wore at a recent show of America’s Got Talent! Paired with a bold purple shirt, it doesn’t get more edgy than that!

While some criticized the suit as something that belongs in the circus, many found that the getup worked with Nick’s personality. Murses, it’s your time to shine! Get in on the action with the awesome Grey’s Anatomy scrub top 0103 in teal blue. The color adds a pop of personality to scrubs for men without going all-out like Nick Cannon.

Rated with five stars by our customers, this Grey’s Anatomy men’s scrub top is made with signature ArcLux technology, and is complete with 3 pockets, pen loops, and a reinforced v-neck. It combines fashion and function, while retaining your male pride. Color is not only for women, take your cue from Nick and break out of the mold of drab colors, going for something a little more edgy!

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