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Olivia Munn- Beautiful in Blue

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Grey's Anatomy Scrubs | 0 comments


Actress, model, author, TV personality- you name it, Olivia Munn has done it! And here she is at the 16th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards feelin’ oh so blue in an elaborate J. Mendel gown. The silky fabric sweeps the floor in an oceanic wave of blue, and the dress features a gorgeous open back, and plunging, corset inspired, front neckline, which makes a confident statement without crossing any lines. To sum it up, this gown is PERFECTION! *swoon*

Hang on though; we’ve got to take a step back and talk about the color. You and I both know that Olivia isn’t one to shy away from big, bold, hues, like this one, and coupled with the sophisticated silhouette of this masterpiece, you get the kind of calm and confident vibe that can only come from true depth and internal stability. Um, hello, that’s Olivia Munn in a nutshell! She’s a mainstay on the Hollywood scene and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Ding, ding, ding, no wonder she chose this gown!

Oh, right, you’re a nurse. No red carpets, or sizzling, hot gowns for you my dear; just a hospital shift in nursing scrubs. You can, however, steal Olivia’s vibe in cool, blue scrubs. And here’s a fun fact: According to color experts out there, blue scrubs say, “I’m soft, compassionate, calm, and have a strong sense of duty.” Most of all, it tells people that you are approachable and trustworthy. Basically, it’s all the attributes patients want in a nurse. See, there’s a reason that blue stunner was sending you strong signals!

In any case, I’ve got the perfect solid scrub top for you; it’s the Grey’s Anatomy criss-cross wrap top. It’s blue, (a gorgeous ocean blue, that is,) it’s structured, and it’s sophisticated- just like Olivia’s gown! And it’s going to help you project all those wonderful nurse characteristics that you make you perfect for your job.

Before we go, here’s a  quick fashion tip: Notice that Olivia keeps her makeup natural and nude, letting the beautiful blue of her gown take center stage. You can do that too in this scrub top. Best of all, it’ll keep your morning prep at a bare minimum. Seriously, Olivia, you can do no wrong!


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