Paris Hilton & The Magic of Print Scrubs

Had you at the word Magic, didn’t I? That’s because printed scrubs are magic. Here’s why:

One word. Stains. You know as well as I do that nursing is not the cleanest of jobs. Dealing with an array of patients that need physical help in many areas (some of which shall not be named), kind of lends itself to a dirty mess. The bodily fluids nurses have on their scrubs and shoes at the end of the day are unidentifiable. In walks printed scrub tops and saves the day! Colorful prints and patterns hide stains so well because it all just blends in; similar to the camo theory.

Here’s another biggie. In this millennium of exaggeratedly thin models and hyper focus on diets, we all want to hide our rolls. That’s okay, ‘cuz you can. Printed scrubs, unlike solid colored scrubs, focus on the design, not your body. Ultimately, the print is complimenting your body; slenderizing and tucking away that little extra bulge that’s driving you cu-razy! Better yet, choose a horizontal print and voila! you’ve just shed a few more pounds.

So if those two reasons are not magical enough, here’s one more. Most scrubs are fashionless. Boring. Boxy. Well, there’s a cure for that! Choose a printed scrub top to showcase your style. Plus, there are so many prints to choose from it is unlikely that any of your nurse friends will have the same top as you. How’s that for individuality?

Stunning actress Paris Hilton with her incredible sense of style, inspired us with her green dress. The similarity between her dress and the Cherokee Flexibles green printed scrub is uncanny! Not to mention that the blacks and greens will conceal your stains superbly well. Oh, it’ll also draw the focus on the beauty of a print you’re wearing instead of your bod. And hey, you’ll be exclusive.

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