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Pink Is Hot With Katie Holmes

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Cherokee Perfect Stretch | 0 comments



Spring shopping is starting, you can see it everywhere! This is the part of the season that I love; it cuts the winter blues short. The holidays are over and all we can possibly think is, “Gah, we got all winter ahead of us!” Surprisingly, before we know it, out comes the spring paraphernalia. And then it feels like winter is remarkably shorter than what we were expecting. Somehow we’re amused at how early Spring fashion gets introduced each year. Or does it actually get earlier and earlier each year?

Spring is all over our website. We got new hot colors, cool styles, and even new brands! Since we love keeping up with the latest fashion, we took our inspiration from Katie Holmes. Everybody would agree she’s got a great bod and a magnificent sense of fashion. That would make sense especially since Katie did start off as a model. Have you seen little Suri? Mom Katie is absolutely passing the fashion down.

Katie Holmes wore this amazing dress, which suited her and the season so well! The knit fabric featured intricate detail and diamond shaped shirring that hit a high waist. Wow! It contoured her shape excellently, and brought out the color in her cheeks. That’s what we want, to look sharp and alive – not blah and melancholy. Oh, we know, sometimes it is super challenging to be charming on a shift from hell. We know. But the right scrubs can make all the difference!

The scrub color that we think looks most similar to Katie Holmes’ fantastic pink dress is the Cherokee Perfect Stretch ‘Carmine Pink’ color. The bright color is spirited and quite the latest style. See for yourself.

What colors will you wear this spring? Are you already shopping for Spring clothes? We’d love to hear how you guys fare at this chilly time of year!


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