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Presenting… Grey’s Anatomy Edge Scrubs!

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Grey's Anatomy Scrubs, News & Promos | 0 comments

Grey's Anatomy Edge
Ever checked out Medical Scrubs Collection recently? I have, and I can tell you that the options for nursing wear today are nearly endless. Colors, prints, styles, fits… You dream it; they have it! Scrub brands today have insanely talented, super trendy designers who know just what’s in (they’ve definitely got the style gene!), and they roll out line after line of modern scrubs.
These scrubs are all fabulous; but some are better than others.
Grey’s Anatomy is the perfect example of that. As a style savvy medical professional, you are most probably well aware that a Grey’s Anatomy collection is incomparable to any new line from any other brand. These designer scrubs are totally in their own league.
And, just so you know, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs just launched a new line; Grey’s Anatomy Edge! It’s super cool, totally trendy, and undeniably one of the most fashionable medical apparel collections available today. (In case you’re wondering, I’m talking March 2019, ladies!)
If you’re looking for designer scrubs, these are definitely the way to go. They look awesome on; so professional, yet subtly flattering simultaneously!
They’re modern, contemporary, and casual; just how today’s medical professionals want their scrubs to look, and come in sophisticated colors such as Black, New Royal, Indigo and Grey.
Every single scrub in this collection is comprised of a powerful fabric with inherent stain resistant and quick dry capabilities, so that you can stay refreshingly clean and dry all shift long. Each piece is lightweight, breathable, and offers that flexible stretch so that you can move about and get things done without feeling confined.
These scrubs exude luxury, and offer an unparalleled fit so that fashionable nurses can finally look chic, sleek and slim throughout their shift. There are scrub tops, bottoms and v-neck polo scrub tops for men as well as for women, and there’s even a women’s scrub jacket.
No matter the season, Grey’s Anatomy Edge has something for every savvy medical professional. Check out the full collection; you’ll see just what I mean.


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