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Ravishing Reds on the Red Carpet

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Cherokee Luxe, Landau Scrubs, NRG Scrubs | 0 comments

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Raise your hand if you worked over this holiday weekend. Oh yeah, that’s a lot of you! And just so you know I’m raising my hand too. I went to the doctor today and the receptionists were saying how they had their ‘Monday faces’ on and how they couldn’t believe it was Tuesday. I was just sitting there like “Uh, yeah. I sure know as heck it’s Tuesday!” At least you get me; we’re all in this together!

Speaking of together, were all the celebrities at the Emmy’s last week told to wear the same color scheme? How did it happen that they were all wearing ravishing reds? (Okay not all, but a lot!) I certainly didn’t get the memo!

Celeb faves like Heidi Klum, Mindy Kaling and Uzo Aduba flaunted the stunning reds they wore! Some designer dresses were bordering on the coral color too which gave it a nice, soft, and summery vibe. Plenty more big names like Lisa Rinna, Sarah Hyland, Claire Danes and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were looking smokin’ in their ravishing red evening wear.

Coolest part though? The red color looked great on every one of them regardless of skin color or tone. Not all colors do that. Take Lena Dunham for example. I think everyone that saw her on the red carpet wished they can un-see what they saw. Possibly the Emmy’s worst look of the night, her face looked washed out and blah in the pale pink. I would think reds would do the same since red is such an extreme and bright color. But no, it was looking nothing short of glamorous on everyone who chose to wear it!

Go for it – rock ravishing reds that are available in red scrubs! Try these colors for the ultimate red carpet look:

Cherokee Luxe in the color Persimmon Orange

IguanaMed Scrubs in the color Guava

Landau scrubs in the color Cajun Spice

Oh, you’re welcome!


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