Roses are Red, Violets are Blue; It’s Valentine’s Day, Here’s a Gift For You!

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If I had to think of one subset of humans who deserve extra special love on Valentine’s Day, I’d choose nurses. Duh! Nurses are the ones who spend their days and nights caring for and loving strangers as if they were their own flesh and blood, and while a plush white teddy bear clutching a shiny red heart and a box of Godiva chocolates is really quite nice, let’s be real; nurses deserve something a little more thought out. And by ‘thought out,’ I don’t mean a giant, personalized coffee mug (cliché!) or a gym membership (offensive, much?!). Soooo… What to get? Well, you’ll have to read our fabulous gift list! Everything is nurse relevant and super easy to make happen. Oh, and btw, this post isn’t really for you, dear nurses. If you find yourself wanting even one of the items on our ‘well thought out’ list, there’s still time to print out a copy and discreetly place it wherever your loved one is liable to find it:) Here’s to a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

Massages and Manis and Facials, Ooooh Ahhh!

A day of pampering is a no fail gift for an overworked nurse. Right??? Running around and tending to patients, who to be honest, don’t always treat nurses with the respect they deserve, can definitely lead to burnout. But a day at the spa, courtesy of a loved one no less, is an automatic pick me up! Whether massages are your thing…manicures…facials… or heck, just go for all three- you’ll be back at your job rejuvenated and ready to confront anything and anyone!

Bling, Bling, Bling

Ok, so ‘bling, bling, bling,’ may be overdoing it because, let’s face it, dress codes are a real force to contend with. But we can just go with ‘bling!’ Jewelry is definitely a girl’s best friend. As long as it’s not over the top, you’re good to go. A pair of gorgeous studs is a no brainer, as is a necklace worn higher up on the neck, and a bracelet that doesn’t hang about. Basically, you want to avoid anything that can interfere with caring for a patient. So no dangling earrings, long necklaces, or bracelets that are too loose and full of charms! Simple enough? Oh, and the ultimate ‘nurse bling’ has got to be a great watch! A second hand is a must, though, as is waterproofing.

No Such Thing As Too Many Shoes

Nurses are on their feet All. Day. Long!! Literally! Which is precisely why a fabulous pair of supportive nursing shoes is the perfect gift. Dansko, Skechers, Cherokee… There’s an endless amount of selection out there. And on the plus side; style is never compromised for the sake of comfort. In today’s day in age style and comfort are a package deal. In fact, why don’t you tell your significant other to hit up our site for some of the coolest nursing shoes on the market;)

Baby, it’s cold in here!

There’s no winning in a hospital. Winter; it’s cold, ‘cuz, well, winter. Summer; it’s colder, ‘cuz, well, air conditioning systems that are capable of plunging entire floors into a deep freeze. *Sigh* And that’s where ‘The Jacket’ plays a role. Every single nurse needs a jacket/sweater at work, at any given time. And it’s got to be a cute one. So, dear loved one reading this post that was so discreetly placed on top of your pillow, this is your cue. Head on over to your significant other’s fave clothing shop and pick up a sweater/jacket that complements her style. It’s a winning idea!

Come Get Your Tickets!

Back to the whole 12-hour shift thing. Turns out it’s pretty brutal. So brutal in fact that most nurses just get home and hit the sack till the next 12-hour shift rolls around. (Ok, I may be slightly exaggerating!) In any case, nurses sometimes need to be forced to do what they love. Is the nurse in your life a sports lover, a music lover etc.? Get a pair of tickets to see her favorite team or musician play. It’s all sorts of fun and will create an experience the nurse in your life is bound to cherish for a while:)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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