Scrub Talk

patterned scrubs

You know those patients who have just so much to talk about? They chat with you about their life, your life (you kind of do your best to avoid their questions 😉 ) and everything under the sun …Until, busy as you always are, you find a very valid reason why you have to leave this delightful conversation.

One of the first things that any of your chatty patients will discuss with you is usually… You guessed it! Yup, it’s your scrubs.

Because when a sweet old lady or a cute little girl sees you, she’s seeing what you’re wearing, too, so it’s perhaps one of the easiest ways to open a conversation, aside from the weather, of course.

And you never know which scrubs your patients will like.

As one nurse puts it, “I work in a residential care facility and I get compliments from the residents most when I wear brightly colored and patterned tops–particularly florals, but I also have a cartoon owl print top that is a crowd-pleaser. I actually went into this job thinking that the patterned tops would be ‘unprofessional’, but those are the ones that get the best reactions from my residents!”

Well, you can’t really know which scrubs will suit your patients’ taste the best, but the truth is, those chatty patients may just turn your nursing uniform into a conversation piece whether they like them or not!

Levi, a male Respiratory therapist, says, “I usually get the printed Marvel scrubs, and I love getting compliments from patients about my scrubs. It usually ends up being a story shortly thereafter about how they used to read the comics back in the day and get to reminisce about their young age. Takes them back to the ‘good ole days’.”

Never mind if these compliments are sincere or not; just give your patients some extra attention, continue the conversation for a minute or two, and you’ll give that bored patient something to smile about.

You can smile too, for adding a dash of fun to your patient’s day!

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