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Hello Kitty Scrubs and Celebs Latest Trends

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Cherokee Scrubs | 0 comments



For some reason we think scrubs have to be boxy, fashionless, shapeless, and tasteless. Uh uh, no more. Lately, the scrubs world is moving towards more figure flattering, sexy scrubs in a wide array of styles as well as the latest seasonal colors.

Think you can’t look hot at work? Think again. We at Medical Scrubs Collection are devoted to getting nurses to look attractive at work too. So here’s our new feature: Dare 2 Compare. In this section, we will be comparing the celebrities latest mod with the newest scrub fashion. We’re going to show you how to rock those scrubs, ladies!

When I think Hello Kitty, I think child. Well, apparently not! Check out these Celebs sporting the cute Hello Kitty. Paris Hilton looks pretty wearing a full out Hello Kitty dress in the white, red and blue. Cameron Diaz is rocking a necklace with the kitty on it. And look who is going taking it away with the bling! Katy Perry’s dress is a Hello Kitty print complete with rhinestones and shine, and an added kitty on the shoulder. Cute! We think Jessica Alba version of Hello Kitty looks best. Her light green top features a huge, over-sized black print of Hello Kitty.

Rihanna wearing a Hello Kitty necklace, similar to Hello Kitty Scrubs

Rihanna wearing a Hello Kitty necklace

Rihanna has also been spotted with a Hello Kitty necklace. It sure looks snazzy on her! And as usual Lady Gaga takes it to a whole new level. She wore a dress that was designed and made exclusively for her with what appears to be actual Hello Kitty plush dolls.

Ready to be a fashionista? This new Cherokee scrub top 6769VB, just released, features Hello Kitty! It’s simple, similar to Jessica Alba’s top. It features a grey background material with polka dots and cute Kitty on the front center. We actually have a complete collection of Hello Kitty scrubs in many different styles, colors and prints. From mock wrap to simple v-neck, we have it all. Check ’em out and bring sexy back!

What do you think about celebs sporting Hello Kitty? And let us know what you think about Hello Kitty scrubs too.



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