OWN Your Scrubs: Oprah Winfrey Inspires

Ever feel like you’re trying so hard but are just not making it? Well let me tell you a story.

We’ve all heard her name and know how kind she is. The name Oprah Winfrey sells for itself. Winfrey is an inspiration, an icon and essentially a hero. Coming from potato-sack-wearing poverty, and having gone through multiple abuses during her childhood, and then losing her child as a teen mom, Oprah came out a true warrior. Media proprietor, author, TV host, philanthropist, and actress are few of her many successes.

Oprah has proven to be the cry for those who cannot speak for themselves, the voice of reason in controversy, and the financial aid for people to be able to move on. No doubt, she’s made her mark. Oprah Winfrey is actually the only richest self-made women in America and the only African-American billionaire in North America! She turned her horror of a past to a heartening present.

And yes, Oprah always looks great! At the BAFTA’s 2014 Royal Opera House in London this year, Oprah Winfrey wore an impressive gown. It started with a wine colored lace top, scalloped at the neck and at the fitted point sleeves. The long dress ended in a wine satin skirt and matching belt at the waist. Ooh la la!

We give you the Carhartt Flex mock wrap scrub top to keep your scrubs hope up! The wine color is so similar, if not exactly the same, as the wine colored dress Oprah Winfrey just wore. Own your scrubs and inspire others while ‘just’ doing your job – you are bound to leave an impression.

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