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Scrubs for Summer!

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Celeb Inspired Threads, NRG Scrubs | 0 comments



Did you all know that it’s officially summer? (Silent happy dance) Now that we’ve established that, we can celebrate by having BBQ’s and going to the beach. Uh no, nurses – they actually celebrate by working endless shifts. Alrighty then, let’s reframe that. So if you do by any odd chance have some time on your hands, you can kick up you heels by sitting outside and soaking in the sun for a few short minutes. Oh, there is absolutely nothing like it! The smell of BBQ hot dogs and freshly cut grass, it’s just something we’re not privileged to have all year round.

To all hardworking nurses and health care professionals out there: make your shift easier and more pleasant by wearing cheerful, lively and summery scrubs! Because if you ain’t gonna get the summery feel from the outdoors, make it happen indoors. So you got a few different ways to execute this. Either you can go with the fashion-inclined option of wearing bright colored scrubs and pulling the color blocking thing – like a green scrub top and blue scrub bottom. Or even pink scrub top and red bottom or yellow top and blue bottom. That’s what we call funky!

Another feasible option would be to wear summery print scrub tops which are usually floral prints, more often than not. Some people are all for floral prints and others, not so much. So for y’all who are not in favor of the whole floral shebang, go simple. Choose light, summery colors. The turquoise dress Xosha Roquemore is wearing is a perfect example of summery cheer! Light blue can go a long way on dragging shift. Go blue with NRG’s 3116 top. Stay cool, be refreshing!


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