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Scrubs That Make A Statement

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Cherokee Scrubs, News & Promos, Scrub Brands, Scrub Spotlight | 0 comments

nurse in Cherokee Statement ScrubsSometimes I feel like there are so many cute women’s scrubs available today, there’s no way the scrub designers can come up with anything else. I mean, there’s Dickies Advance, Grey’s Anatomy, Wonderwink, and so many other scrub brands that provide numerous options of stylish scrubs.

But of course, that’s not how it works: No matter how many fashionable nursing scrubs there are to be found, there are always newer, more trendy ones that come out.

Actually, talking about new scrubs, Cherokee Scrubs just launched a brand new line; Cherokee Statement. This collection features scrubs that are modern, trendy, fashionable and distinct. These nursing uniforms feature elegant rose gold accents, and fabulously stylish fits. Slenderizing and sharp, with curvy necklines and tapered pant options, these may just be the most well-designed scrubs to date: They’re feminine and classy, and perfectly on trend.

But not only are they awesomely sophisticated; they’re comfortable, too! These women’s scrubs are crafted from a wonderfully flexible stretch fabric that allows nurses to feel as good as they look.

If you appreciate looking your best but won’t ever compromise on functionality, this chic collection may have the scrubs you’ve always dreamed of. And, of course, every piece in this collection is superbly designed, and impeccably crafted. Just what you’ve come to expect from Cherokee Scrubs.

Here are my two personal favorites from this collection: The Cherokee Statement CK695 Curved V-Neck Scrub Top, and the Cherokee Statement Slim CK055 Tapered Leg Scrub Pants. I like to pair them together in the same color for a really chic scrub outfit that’s gotten me more compliments than I can count.

Browse the collection and see what you like best; there are posh zippered nursing scrub tops, sleek scrub pants, and even a cozy women’s scrub jacket for you to try.


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