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A spacecraft carrying thousands of sleeping humans hurtles through time and space intent on reaching its final destination; a distant colony planet. But what happens when one of its sleep chambers malfunctions, awakening two passengers 90 years too early?? Oh, don’t look at me- I haven’t seen the movie yet! Sorry for the tease; I can literally sense your brain trying to process and dissect the itty bitty synopsis I just gave you. Don’t waste your time, though, people. Passengers, the romantic sci-fi starring Chris Pratt and the ever hilarious and brutally honest Jennifer Lawrence, hits theaters sooner than you think, (December 21!) and besides, we have the press tour to deal with first! Say what?! That’s code for fabulous clothes, btw;)

So! Jennifer Lawrence is on a whirl wind press tour these days. While it’s officially all about her new film, let’s be real, we’re all interested in one thing and one thing only: what this dynamite of a movie star has been wearing. You don’t need me to tell you that Jennifer is a breath of fresh air. She’s insanely talented and yet so down to earth. And her style??? Let’s just say she’s been killing it these last couple of days. She’s rocked everything from Dior to Philip Lim. My personal favorite? The Proenza Schouler number she slayed at her London press junket appearance. This snappy, spotted black and red piece hit her in all the right places, was refined and yet at the same time super cool, and the asymmetric hem gave us a perfect peak at those fabulously toned legs of hers. Let’s put it this way; this fashion thing is a very fine line, but she walks it oh so well! Oh, and might I mention, this dress is festive with a capital F. And just in time for the holidays too. Between the color and the ruffles this is just THE perfect holiday getup.

Been wondering how to step up your work fashion game in time for the holidays? Wonder no more. The Infinity by Cherokee Round Neck scrub top, which FYI is anti-microbial, comes in the perfect black and red print! In fact, it boasts the same spotted effect that Jen’s Proenza Schouler dress does. Ho-ho-hum!!! Oh, and lucky for you, this top would pair perfectly with literally any pair of black scrub pants already hanging in your closet! Score! Want to take the look up a notch, ladies? Get this… What you don’t see in the photo all the way at the top of this pretty fabulous page, is that Jennifer is sporting a cascading, messy French braid. So while her hair’s all timeless elegance in the front, the back is all kinds of shabby chic. Which I love, love, love! A. Because it’s a fabulous look. And B. Because it’s practical even for the busy nurse. Go channel your inner J Law and get into the holiday spirit. Tis the season after all!!


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