Square Necks, Superstars and Scrubs

Be there, be square. That’s what nursing is about. One minute late and you’re busted!

Squares are balanced. Straight lines – grounding, stabilizing, predictable, and dependable. They can also be rigid and stifling. For the most part though, they are comforting and structured. Ain’t that what nursing is all about? Giving those patients a sense of stability through the difficult times, eh? And as a nurse you’ll feel comforted by the structure the square gives you – bending down freely without being concerned of what others can see. The v-neck scrubs don’t quite offer the predictability the square neck presents. Say good bye to cinching your v-neck with your spare hand when you bend down!

I personally love the square neck because it’s different. Fashion in nursing is tough because you can’t really stand out as much in uniform. To me, finding individuality in your uniform is brilliance. Sheer brilliance. I mean, what are you going to do to that uniform to make it yours? Some bling will do some of the work. Maybe some unusual colors. But that just doesn’t seem enough. Throw in a square neck once or twice a week and it’s really yours!

Looks like Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow are patronizing the square neck. As a Revlon spokesmodel and former fashion model, I think we can trust Halle’s opinion! And don’t underestimate Mrs. Gwyneth either. Being named the ‘Most Beautiful Women’ by People Magazine in April 2013 is no easy feat. If gorgeous Gwyneth is wearing a square neck dress, that just gives us all permission.

So show your personality, girl! Take a look at the WonderWink square neck top. The solid colored 6403 WonderWink top is a basic with an added twist. Or you can try a print – the WonderWink 6407 top.

Are square necks a ‘no’ or ‘go’ for you? Let us know!

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