Stocking Stuffers To Spice Up Your Scrubs

It’s that time of year of again! Theart necklacehe holidays are just around the corner, and while bells are ringing and snowflakes flurrying, you have that tiny niggling voice in the back of your head urging you to think up the perfect gift for your fellow nurses. Oh the joys of gift giving! Not to worry though, this year you will join the ranks of the lucky ones; the ones who know exactly what they’ll be giving, because I have found you the perfect stocking stuffers.

Think earrings and necklaces. While you might be rolling your eyes and thinking how blasé, trust me, these attractive accessory pieces will make any nurse clutch her heart and swoon. Offered in two stunning styles, you can choose between a heart studded in pink pavé diamonds with the word “nurse” scrolling delicately across, or the timeless caduceus set with classic clear diamonds. Can’t decide which one to get?  Get both. Each one is offered as either a chic pair of earrings or  a stylish necklace. Just go to and make sure to put one in for each of your nurse girlfriends.

While these eye-catching pieces would look gorgeous with just about anything, I love the fact that they bring out the nurse in you, and would therefore suggest pairing them with pieces from our Cherokee Luxe line. I’m sure you would agree that a luxury scrub demands a statement piece. The Cherokee Luxe line of scrubs comes in an assortment of styles and colors, but for our pink, heart earrings and necklace, or even for our caduceus piece, I would definitely select the  Mock Wrap Top 1841 in a rich but understated navy. An empire waistband,  two patch pockets, and an elastic at the back waist complete this look to make you look as slim and sophisticated as possible. Yes, sophistication is possible even in a pair of scrubs. Just don’t leave your new jewelry at home!

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