• Jazz Up Your Scrubs With Some Embroidered Detail

    This must happen to all of us. Any of you confuse the personality of a fictional TV character with the personality of the actual actor? I mean, I still think Mandy Moore is God’s gift to humanity from the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’ back in 2002. So it’s really not surprising that Lena Headey has had hateful comments hurled at her like “OMG, you’re so evil!”, or even being called some four-letter words […]

  • Bold and Embroidered: Red Scrubs

        Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian clan, seems to have stumbled upon the ageless potion that everyone else is still seeking. Known as a ‘momager’ who has brought in millions for her girls through their reality TV show, Kris has recently launched her own talk show, “The Kris Show,” and is going strong. At a recent interview with Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos at The Grove to promote her new show, Kris […]

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