• Dressed in White

    It’s funny; I love the full-fledged fashion in scrubs available to nurses today, but at the same time, a little part of me still likes the look of the old time nursing uniform, with its crisp, professional look. Although the days when all nurses wear white are long gone, some stalwart nurses still stick to the old class look. Take Leona Campbell, for example. Throughout the decades that she was a nurse, she stuck […]

  • Mortifying Moments In Scrubs

    Nurses can have crazy schedules, which can make us kind of overtired, and have us get dressed and put on our scrubs in embarrassing ways that that we look back and laugh at. What I’m thinking of right now is that awkward moment that I discovered that my new scrubs had a fly, which had been down, for the previous 14 hours. LOL! And that’s not the only crazy story I had… Imagine getting […]

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