• Paris Hilton & The Magic of Print Scrubs

    Had you at the word Magic, didn’t I? That’s because printed scrubs are magic. Here’s why: One word. Stains. You know as well as I do that nursing is not the cleanest of jobs. Dealing with an array of patients that need physical help in many areas (some of which shall not be named), kind of lends itself to a dirty mess. The bodily fluids nurses have on their scrubs and shoes at the […]

  • Hello Kitty Scrubs and Celebs Latest Trends

    For some reason we think scrubs have to be boxy, fashionless, shapeless, and tasteless. Uh uh, no more. Lately, the scrubs world is moving towards more figure flattering, sexy scrubs in a wide array of styles as well as the latest seasonal colors. Think you can’t look hot at work? Think again. We at Medical Scrubs Collection are devoted to getting nurses to look attractive at work too. So here’s our new feature: Dare […]

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