• In October We Think Pink

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Nurses don their themed medical uniforms, pink ribbons make an appearance in every mall, grocery store, and car dealership, and we get to use phrases like, ‘Think pink,’ and, ‘Save the ta-tas.’ But what is Breast Cancer Awareness Month really about? It’s an annual campaign organized by major breast cancer charities geared at raising awareness of breast cancer risks, encouraging screening and early detection, and ensuring that […]

  • Pink Is Hot With Katie Holmes

    Spring shopping is starting, you can see it everywhere! This is the part of the season that I love; it cuts the winter blues short. The holidays are over and all we can possibly think is, “Gah, we got all winter ahead of us!” Surprisingly, before we know it, out comes the spring paraphernalia. And then it feels like winter is remarkably shorter than what we were expecting. Somehow we’re amused at how early […]

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