• Top Summer Reads Take Two

    I can’t speak for you, but my idea of a summer soiree is an ice-cold glass of lemonade and a great book. Which is why we are officially rounding up my latest top 5 nurse reads for the SECOND time! I have a lot of questions, though. Is it considered a follow up to my last ‘Top Summer Reads’ blog post if it was a solid 3 years ago? Also, do I suddenly get […]

  • Summer Staycation

    Everyone needs a vacation. Period. You go too long without one… you crash and burn. Or to be more accurate, you end up sprawled on your couch in days old pj’s crying a river over a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. True story. Bottom line is, life is full of stressors. And if we don’t take time to decompress, we suffer, and the people around us suffer. Let’s take you for instance, the happy-go-lucky […]

  • Summer Sun Safety

    There’s an expression we tend to use when referring to summer activities- “fun in the sun.” But here’s the thing, this ‘expression’ which appears to be quite accurate, may in fact be the greatest oxymoron. You see, July is National UV Safety Month, and not without good reason. The sun is the strongest at this time of year, and just a few minutes of exposure is enough to do permanent damage. So while you’re […]

  • Summer Smarts for Nursing Students

    July may be coming to a close, but you can still use whatever’s left of summer break to your advantage. Academic advantage, that is. Hold up; I didn’t just doom the rest of your summer to stuffy libraries and textbooks. You can still wile your time away at the pool, the beach, your favorite pizzeria etc. In fact, please DO; in moderation, though. While summer is certainly about recharging your batteries so that you […]

  • Top Summer Reads

    If I were asked to describe ‘summer,’ it would go something like this. Sandy beaches and skimpy bikinis… afternoon picnics and pleasant bike rides…tantalizing barbecues and gooey smores…creamy ice cream and ice-cold lemonade… You feeling me?? I’m sure you are. I’m also pretty sure you’re feeling that stethoscope around your neck. *big, fat, audible sigh* Despite the fact that medicine never goes on vacation, keep in mind that summer is not merely a season, […]

  • Scrubs for Summer!

    Did you all know that it’s officially summer? (Silent happy dance) Now that we’ve established that, we can celebrate by having BBQ’s and going to the beach. Uh no, nurses – they actually celebrate by working endless shifts. Alrighty then, let’s reframe that. So if you do by any odd chance have some time on your hands, you can kick up you heels by sitting outside and soaking in the sun for a few short […]

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