• Staying Cozy This Season

    Today was the first time in a little while that I opened my front door, and a blast of cool air blew past me. Sweater weather! Yup; fall is upon us in full force! And when I think of autumn, what comes to my mind is hot coffee, cashmere scarves, and cozy scrub jackets. It’s great that the hospitals are kind of cold, so that the germs stay far away, but every nurse knows […]

  • How To: Wash Medical Scrubs

    Washing medical scrubs thoroughly in a way that will fully remove stains, while maintaining the original quality of the garment is an art! In order to get maximum wear out of a scrub set it’s a good idea to develop a washing technique that maintains color, while removing dirt and stains. Here are some tips to assist you on laundry day: It is best to wash your scrubs before wearing them for the first […]

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