• Go, Yoga Pants!

    Comfort is king in 2018, and that’s true for nurses, too. Just like professionals spend their days clad in yoga pants, nurses can do the same, and still look fit for the medical world! It’s important for nurses who are moving about all shift long to wear comfortable scrub apparel. With yoga pants, you’ve got the comfort, the flexibility and the awesome freedom of movement that yoga pants afford you. Something else that’s appreciated […]

  • Jamie Anderson, Black & White, & The Love of Nurses

    Now that Spring is officially here, we can talk about snowboarding effortlessly. The snow is melting (or should be!), so talking about winter sports is a thing of distant memory, free of the frigid pain that is associated with it. For those of you who kept your eyes peeled on the Sochi Olympics this winter know very well that slopestyle snowboarding ranked one of the hardest sports in 2014. Bobsledding, pair figure skating, and […]

  • Color Blocking with Sharon Stone

    We’re back with color blocking! Uh correction, Sharon Stone is. There’s never enough to be said about color blocking – color options are virtually endless with scrubs. You can mix it up and be the up and coming celeb on your nurse floor! Seriously, it’s that easy. You just gotta put your mind to it, and Bingo – you’re there. Here’s our Color Blocking for Scrubs 101. Not sure if you know about this, […]

  • Demi Lovato’s Chic Black Jacket

    Demetria Lovato, or better known as, Demi Lovato is no longer just a singer, she has risen to be an X-Factor Judge. Alongside Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio, Demi is mentoring and judging other budding singers as they try to get their chance at fame and stardom. Demi has been pretty public about her difficult childhood being bullied, and her struggles with both eating disorders and mental illness. Kudos to her for […]

  • Square Necks, Superstars and Scrubs

    Be there, be square. That’s what nursing is about. One minute late and you’re busted! Squares are balanced. Straight lines – grounding, stabilizing, predictable, and dependable. They can also be rigid and stifling. For the most part though, they are comforting and structured. Ain’t that what nursing is all about? Giving those patients a sense of stability through the difficult times, eh? And as a nurse you’ll feel comforted by the structure the square […]

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