That Time of Year Again! New Scrubs for the Seasons

We know it. You’re feeling bla and over your old scrubs. They’ve been washed and worn countlessly, they already look kind of drab on your face, and you’re even bored of wearing the same colors. (Yeah, we’re cool like that, we know what you’re thinking.) It’s a brand new season of sun and gaiety and we all want to feel that change! It’s the classic time to freshen up.

Spring cleaning your scrubs is possible too! Simply go through your scrubs – any scrubs that are faded or look worn out, are automatic goners. This includes scrubs that are linty, torn, or have stains. Yes, even those little stains that no one can see! No more. Say good bye to those scrubs that have been there for you through those long (and sometimes hellish) shifts. Now for those scrubs that are somewhere in between wearable and trash, which you feel too guilty to chuck, you can either decide to keep them until they deem a definite no-good, or donate them to a local charity or drop-box. That wasn’t too hard, was it?

You need new scrubs to replace the no longer usable scrubs, eh? Stay cool, we got it. When purchasing scrubs, look for good quality, lasting scrubs. Check that the material is durable and resist stains. Read product reviews when available so you get user descriptions and see what other customers thought of the scrubs. And you’ll thank us for this one – wash your new scrubs with vinegar so the color doesn’t bleed or fade.

There are so many awesome new spring colors and scrubs to choose from and Rosie Perez has inspired us. At her book signing of her new book “Handbook For an Unpredictable Life”, multi-talented Perez wore a simple top with a dash of style. The Urbane scrub top has the exact same look! So c’mon nurses, out with the old and in with the new!

We dare you to compare. Is the Rosie Perez-Urbane scrub top match perfect or what?

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