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The Best Cheap Scrubs- Our Favorite Picks

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WW603_NAV_WW601_BLK_CATALOG (1)Let’s face it, we know that the cost of living is higher than ever, and the last thing you want to spend your hard earned money on is your nursing scrubs. But, looking and feeling great is important too. Here is where cheap scrubs come in to save the day! And when I say cheap, I mean in price, not quality. Wearing a well crafted, high quality scrub uniform is something every medical professional deserves.

The good news is, there are loads of stylish, high quality, well-priced scrubs in many styles, colors and sizes made by reputable scrub brands. Many times the pricier scrubs aren’t necessarily all that better in terms of quality, as much is in the designer label it bears.

There are really too many low priced scrubs to list, so we just chose a few of our favorites brands to showcase below.

Cherokee Workwear Scrubs

Cherokee Workwear scrubs offer a great option for those on a budget who still want a well-made nursing uniform. With Cherokee Scrubs you can be sure that you are getting a product that comes with all the features and details that every medical professional needs. They have been making hospital scrubs since 1972, so they sure know what they are doing! Their uniforms are classic, no frills, and come in many color options. They make men’s and women’s scrubs, as well many unisex options. This is a popular choice for many hospitals and large groups who want to look professional and are looking for cheaper nursing scrubs.

Cherokee Workwear Revolution 

If you are looking for a step up from basic, Cherokee Workwear Revolution is the way to go. Their medical uniforms are made from a polyester, rayon, spandex blend giving the uniform a nice stretch making them extremely comfortable to wear. Workwear Revolution offers a stylish uniform featuring a modern fit and small details like the curved hems on some scrub tops that give the uniform a sporty chic look.

With several styles for both men and women, Cherokee Revolution scrubs is a uniform of choice for many medical and dental groups who want to look sharp and professional without breaking the bank. And with their many choices of colors you are sure to find something that matches your scrub color requirement.

Wonder Work by Wonderwink

The Wonderwork uniforms made by Wonderwink are made to work for you. They are super comfortable, have the stretch advantage, and come along with all the useful details and features that the healthcare worker expects. With its low price point the Wonder Work by Wonderink scrub makes for a perfect uniform option for those looking for a cheap nursing scrub that is classic, clean and comfortable.

And as an added bonus, we are always running amazing promotions on our website with coupons offering great savings. At Medical Scrubs Collection we provide our customers with high quality scrubs at the best prices. Shop our nursing scrubs today and see how you can save!




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