The Day Carrie ‘Blue’ the Crowd Away


When I say CMA’s, you think?? Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, obviously. The Country Music Awards took place last week, and was hosted for the 10th consecutive year by none other than the aforementioned duo. They must be really, REALLY good for ratings if they’ve been invited back again, and again, and again, and- yeah, I think you get it. And while this year they were certainly better than ever, out of the two of them Carrie was hands down BOSS! Not only did she ‘out-wardrobe change’ herself during this show with a total of eleven spectacular wardrobe changes, but she was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year, plus, she performed a hauntingly beautiful rendition of ‘Softly and Tenderly,’ paying tribute to members of the country music community who were lost this year, as well as to the 58 victims of the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting. It was truly an emotional performance, and yet at the same time incredibly uplifting.

So, eleven wardrobe changes, huh? Well my favorite was the ensemble she arrived in. It was a skin tight, Fouad Sarkis Couture, royal blue dress that oozed sophistication and boasted a fishtail hem, ruffled long sleeves, and a dangerously low v-neck. It was an absolutely incredible look for her, and a refreshing break from the girly, sequined ball gowns we tend to see her in. She topped off the look with soft waves in her hair, bold eye makeup, and a glossy, nude lip. You know what they say down South… Go big or go home! And Carrie certainly went BIG!!

Ladies and ladies, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! You’re obviously well aware that you can’t wear Carrie’s gown in the workplace. In fact, I envy you if you’ve even had a thought that involved fitting into and actually looking good in her dress. Back to reality, though! So I may not be giving away Carrie Underwood’s gown, but I am giving away the name and color of a scrub top that is literally the identical blue to Carrie’s, boasts a v-neck, albeit not nearly as low, and which hugs your body in a way that’ll make you look in the mirror and say, ‘Wow; is that you Carrie??’ Seriously! And here it is: The Dickies Xtreme Stretch Mock Wrap Top in Galaxy Blue. It is literally everything you want in a scrub top and more. It’s functional, versatile (literally pair with anything!), and most importantly my fellow fashionistas- flattering! Country music, the nurses are coming for you!

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