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‘Tis The Season For Seasonal Scrubs

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Seasonal scrubs are an easy way to bring a burst of holiday spirit into the often dull and dreary hospital ward. Many of the bedridden patients in the ward won’t have a chance to join with family and friends for the holidays at home this year, and what we provide them with will be the only holiday merriment they’ll experience.

Every nurse has an opinion on seasonal scrubs. I think they’re really fun, and they add some holiday spirit to the hospital. It’s a great way to brighten a patient’s day, and to bring the memories of the holidays of yore to elderly patients.

And which person, child, teen or adult, doesn’t get a enjoy seeing nurses wearing fun holiday scrubs? As one experienced nurse puts it, “Most people get a big kick out of the holidays and appreciate when others try to do things to bring in the holiday spirit!”

She also mentioned something that got me thinking. She actually resents the fact that as nurses, we are expected (by some) to act so somber and serious all the time. She said, “When my grandmother died in the hospital it would not have bothered me to see someone in a costume, the unit decorated for the holidays, etc. In fact, those things might have added some clarity to the situation – that life will go on, and that things will be okay again. I would have found comfort in seeing a beautifully decorated Christmas tree or a Halloween costume, because those are parts of traditions that make me (and many others) feel good.”

So, perhaps that’s something for super serious, professional RN’s to think about.

And for those of us who are professional, yet still believe in bringing a dash of holiday spirit along with us, here is a fabulous looking, fun seasonal scrub top that is sure to get you compliments!

nurse in holiday scrubs

Designed by Cherokee Scrubs, the Tooniforms TF633 Seasonal Scrub Top features Rudolf the Reindeer, a popular Disney character which invokes merry feelings and memories. This scrub printed scrub top is fun and cheerful, and brightly colored in the classic green and red holiday hues. In case you’re nervous about choosing to go with holiday scrub tops because you’ll be compromising on practicality, you’ve got nothing to worry about! This v-neck scrub top is quite comfortable, and even offers two spacious pockets.


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