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Too Alike To Be True – Sandra Bullock & NRG scrubs

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Celeb Inspired Threads, NRG Scrubs | 0 comments

sandra bullock


From Miss Congeniality to one of her latest movies, The Heat, Sandra Bullock is remarkably talented. She comes across as feisty, opinionated, sexy and smart. As an actress since 1987, she sure has her acting skills down pat. And her looks too. Always looking trim and fit, Sandra manages to pull together an unbelievably classy yet mod look.

A few months back, Sandra Bullock attended the Twentieth Century Fox Photo Line at the Caesars’ Palace. She made her entrance in chic black. Black heels, black bottoms, black nails, and her striking black top. It wasn’t just black though; leave it up to her to pull the look off perfectly. The white accent trimming on Sandra’s top brings that pop of color that looks exceptional! Using the color-block technique on this outfit worked well.

sandra bullock


The white trimming on Sandra Bullock’s top varies in size, going from super thin to a few inches thick. And so does the white trimming on the NRG 3126 scrub top. If you don’t think these two tops look similar, then I don’t know what you will find similar looking! It’s pretty cool how the styles of Sandra Bullock’s top and the NRG scrub top are so alike.

C’mon bring fashion to your workplace! Get rid of the old-school scrub thinking. Scrubs can and should be comfortable to touch and feel good in. Flaunt it, don’t hide it!


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