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Medicine Nurses Flat Icon With Long ShadowBlog. Funny word when you think about it. But in actuality, it makes perfect sense. First used and subsequently made popular by American blogger, John Barger, the word is merely a contraction of the words ‘web’ and ‘log.’ And this whole blogging thing; well, it’s become a culture of sorts, not to mention a major marketing strategy.

Never ones to let an opportunity slip through their fingers, the nurse population has jumped on the blog writing bandwagon, and they are going STRONG! While some of the veteran blog writers have already been featured here, today’s spotlight is on those up and comers; the ones that are truly beginning to make a mark on the nurse blogosphere!

  1. The Nurse Teacher by Joan Spitry

While hard to believe based on the wealth of knowledge displayed on these pages, Joan, an RN since 1998 and nursing school teacher since 2007, just recently celebrated her blog’s first anniversary! Started as a school project while working toward her Master’s degree, the blog quickly became a great resource for her students. Lucky for the rest of the world, she decided to keep it up. She covers a range of relevant nursing topics, offers tips for getting through nursing school, shares book reviews and scrubs reviews, and even has a section dedicated to patient education. Bottom line is, Joan is a master teacher. As she so boldly states, “I might as well train them well, they will be taking care of me one day!!”

  1. Nurse Code by Beth Hawkes

Nurse Code is quite simply a gem of a blog! Chock full of all things nursing, Beth’s posts range from the informative, to the entertaining, to the ‘just because you ought to hear about this.’ Most importantly, each and every piece is thought provoking and invites a discussion. Beth will let you know how to ace your next interview, will tell you all about the shift her mother passed away, will coach you through your next bout of ‘interview brain freeze’ (yikes!), and also throw in the occasional infographic. All in one place! Do yourself a favor, though, and before diving into this addictive blog, read Beth’s back-story. It’s quite the rollercoaster and puts the average student’s struggle to get through school in perspective.

  1. I.V. League by Courtney Lambert

First off, loving the name of this blog!  Moving along, suffice it to say that this blog covers EVERYTHING. Courtney is a wife and nursing student and wants to take her readers on her journey through nursing school. Yes, she writes about the obvious: school, studying, clinicals etc. But she also lets the reader into her personal world. A world that involves a gluten free obsession, extreme couponing, and gardening. Did someone say quirky?? This blog is upbeat, entertaining, and has a feel-good vibe to it. Oh, and watch some of Courtney’s videos. You’ll be glad you did:)

  1. The Balanced Nurse by Eileen Spillane

Close your eyes and breathe in the scent, the sound, and the sight of the most peaceful place in nature you’ve ever visited. Think about how you feel at this very moment. Now open your eyes and head on over to Eileen Spillane’s blog, ‘The Balanced Nurse.’  Same feeling, huh? That’s because Eileen’s goal in writing her blog is to help nurses attain balance in their everyday lives. Each post gives off positive vibes, is poignantly written and offers insight into the world of nursing. Empathy versus sympathy? Covered. Reasons to be grateful for being a nurse? Covered. This blog is an incredibly authentic read and truly reflects Eileen’s 25 years of nursing experience and her deep appreciation for the gift of life.

  1. This Nurse Wonders by Amanda Anderson

Quite frankly, Amanda Anderson’s blog is a gift to the nursing community. As her title implies, she writes simply because her beautiful mind wonders about things. All kinds of things. And she wants people to understand what is running through that mind of hers. Each post is so eloquently written, so disarmingly honest, and conveys a silent strength that makes you want to read it over and over again. A recent favorite? The blog post so aptly titled ‘End of Life Decisions.’ It’s a loaded issue; one which will hit nerve after nerve, and you’ll experience a range of emotions while reading this piece and all her others. An absolute must read!

  1. Our Front Door by Melina

As a wife, mother to 4 beautiful girls, daughter, sister, granddaughter, and ER nurse, Melina knows exactly what it’s like to juggle the rigors of work with the never ending demands of a family.  This blog is your window into her ‘front door,’ so to speak. You’ll read a lot about her personal life, as well as her work life, which as an ER nurse, involves tremendous levels of stress, excessive hours, and ridiculous pressures. Despite the intensity of it all, Melina’s portrayal of her day to day is done in a thoughtful and most humbling manner, earning her the respect of her many followers.

  1. Nurse Eye Roll by Kati Kleber

According to Kati, if you’ve been a nurse for just 10 short minutes, chances are you’ve done THE eye roll at least once. Hence the title. More importantly, if you’ve been a nurse for just 10 short minutes, chances are you quickly discovered how much you DON’T know. And this is the true reason Kati, a young critical care nurse in Charlotte, North Carolina, created this blog. Through her great sense of humor and wit, Kati tackles all the nitty-gritty aspects of being a nurse; whether it involves navigating your first nursing conference, the basics of medication administration, or even dealing with gossipy nurses. No matter if you’re a nursing student, new nurse, or veteran nurse, you’ll find this blog a great read. Oh, and Kati has authored her own book as well, Becoming Nursey. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on that one!

  1. Perfectly Imperfect Nurse by Carley

Say hello to Carly, The Perfectly Imperfect Nurse! She’s a real newbie to the world of blogging and deserves support from the nursing world. This blog came about after a whirlwind of exciting life changes led to the realization that she can use her achievements and mistakes to inspire and teach her fellow nurses as well as future nurses. While there may not be a lot written on this blog just yet, Carley’s posts so far are detailed and informative. Definitely a promising start. Go have a peek!

That’s it, folks; the #1 guide to your soon to be favorite bloggers! Enjoy:)











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