Why You Should Be Dating a Nurse This Valentine’s Day


As if you needed a reason; am I right??? In all seriousness, though, dating a nurse isn’t all red roses and Godiva chocolates. There’s a non-conventional work schedule to contend with, crazy hours, emergencies, exhaustion… And the list goes on. In fact, if you’re dating a nurse this Valentine’s Day, you may be taking a rain check and celebrating on the 15th or 16th because, y’know, 12 hour shifts. On the flip side, though, dating a nurse means you’re dating a true rock star; a one in a million kind of person whose insane schedule is but a pittance to pay for the quality person she/he is. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

1. Nurses are a Compassionate Breed

To be a successful nurse one must be an inherently kind, caring, and selfless individual. Fact. Nurses who are grumpy or indifferent to their patients are obviously in the wrong line of work and will eventually get the boot. Now do the math. If you’re dating a successful nurse, you’ve very clearly struck gold in the girlfriend/boyfriend department and are guaranteed to be treated like royalty!

2. Nurses are Highly Sensitive to the Needs of Others

Psychics, they are NOT. But nurses do have this 6th sense when it comes to the human population, kind of the same way mothers have this 6th sense when it comes to their own kids. So yes, if you’re feeling down and out, you don’t even have to say what’s wrong, or if anything is wrong at all. That significant other in your life, who just so happens to be a nurse, will simply know; be it through body language or non-verbal cues. Best of all, though, they won’t push it. They’re sensitive AND sensible at the same time. They’ll give you your space while simultaneously offering you the support to work through whatever feelings you’re experiencing.

3. Nurses are Incredibly Likeable

Worried about introducing your date to Grandma or your kids?? (GULP!) If she/he is a nurse, there is literally n-o-t-h-i-n-g to worry about. Nurses have a way with people, particularly the old and the young. They are known to be extremely patient with the elderly and can diffuse a child’s temper tantrum in about 60 seconds flat. True story!

4. Nurses are Fun, Spontaneous and Smart

Your date may have a degree in nursing, but if you ask me, she/he may as well call it a degree in communications as well. Nurses get people. They know how to converse with people, give them a good time, and make them feel like a million dollars. They’re always on their A-game thanks to the fast paced environment they work in and if you ask me, they literally know everything about anything worth knowing.

5. Nurses Are Not Fazed by Anything

And by anything, I mean ANYTHING! Wanna talk bodily fluids? Go right ahead! Got a nasty wound? No biggie! Plan A didn’t work out? Big whoop- stressful situations are the norm in hospitals and nurses are phenomenal at staying cool under pressure and developing Plan B’s, C’s, and even D’s! So basically, no need to worry about your Valentine’s Day plans flopping. Your nurse date can handle anything!

To sum it all up, roses are red, violets are blue, if I were you, I’d date a nurse too;)

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