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Wonder Woman. Wonder Dress.

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Celeb Inspired Threads, Health & Beauty, Nurse Reads, WonderWink Scrubs | 0 comments

Gal Gadot

If you had the choice to be either a Mediterranean goddess or Wonder Woman, which would you choose? Tough call, huh? Lucky for Gal Gadot, she gets to be both! An Israeli actress and model, Gal Gadot was honored at the Critics’ Choice Awards, with the second annual #SeeHer award. This was completely apropos as according to one Critics’ Choice Awards spokesperson, “Gadot broke through this year as a powerful voice advocating for women, not only on screen as the iconic Wonder Woman, but in life as well, using her platform to encourage those in the entertainment industry and beyond to strive for fairness and parity across genders.” See??? Goddess of a person, (however oxymoronic that may sound,) and Wonder Woman, (however fictitious that may actually be.) Oh, and to top it all off, her film Wonder Woman, which was in the running for Best Action Movie, WON! So yeah, biiig night all around!

The question then arises. What does a goddess/wonder woman who’s slated to accept a major award later in the evening and whose movie was nominated for 3 awards, wear to such an event? A Prada dress, OBVIOUSLY! And a silver metallic one at that! This chic number featured a pluuuuunging neckline, a gorgeous to-the-floor length, a criss-cross back, as well as a black, tassel embellished waistband, and a flowy skirt. She kept her makeup barely there with a rose colored lipstick and smudged waterline, and she wore her hair swept back in a clean, off the face look. Given the drama of the dress, this makeup and hair look was the perfect complement.

So here’s the thing. I tried. Like really, really, really tried! But as hard as I tried, I could not find you ladies that perfect shimmery, metallic scrub top that would put you in the same league as Gal Gadot. So forgive me, while I do my second best. (It’s not as if the higher-ups would let you strut your stuff in a shining silver scrub top anyways, right??) But here’s what I do have for you. The Wonderwink Origins side panel v-neck scrub top. It’s a classy shade of grey with black detailing to give it extra personality. I like to call it sophistication with a dose of edge. Pair it with your favorite grey scrub pants, or black ones for that matter, and you’ll be giving off true Gadot vibes. After all, who if not nurses are the ultimate wonderwomen;)


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