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WonderWink Pro Scrubs Are So Awesome!

by | Jun 25, 2019 | News & Promos, Nurse Reads, Scrub Spotlight, WonderWink Scrubs | 0 comments

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WonderWink Pro Scrubs are definitely my favorite scrubs of the season, for lots of reasons. 

These scrubs are so stylish, yet still practical. And that’s exactly what today’s nurses need! Anyone can see that there are certainly some really smart (and terrifically talented!) scrub designers at WonderWink, who designed this wonderful Wonderwink Pro Scrub Collection. Just take a look at the nursing uniforms they created!

This collection comes with really cute scrub tops and nursing pants for men and ladies. These durable nursing uniforms flatter the figure, and keep the wearer looking fashionable all shift long. 

Women’s WonderWink Pro Scrubs

WonderWink Pro Women’s Scrubs are classic yet chic, and contour your body so well. They’re contemporary and functional, and yet still so comfortable. These scrubs are perfect for fun-loving medical professionals who want functional scrubs that fit flatteringly. 

Men’s WonderWink Pro Scrubs

Guys, no need for FOMO; WonderWink Pro has scrubs for you, too! These scrubs, like the ladies’ ones, have a fit that’s the perfect fusion of classic and contemporary. They’re not baggy and bulky, like those unisex scrubs people once wore; these are well-fitting and fashion-forward, with a modern men’s fit that isn’t too tight or too loose. 

Why WonderWink Pro?

Because these scrubs are awesome, that’s why! But let me tell you exactly how that’s so. First of all, the fit, which we mentioned, is the perfect balance of classic yet contemporary. That can be hard to find, with all the too tight and too baggy options out there nowadays. 

Besides for that, there’s WonderWink Pro’s claim to fame: “It fits. It’s easy. It’s soft.” Now, who doesn’t want well-fitting, comfortably soft stretch scrubs that are easy to wear and care for?

Whether you’re looking for big and tall scrubs or extra small scrubs, WonderWink Pro has just what you’re looking for! They’ve got tall scrub pants for men and for ladies, they have extra-small for all of you guys, and there are size options in between, too. Basically, there’s something for everyone!

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