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You’ve Been Color Blocked!

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Celeb Inspired Threads | 0 comments

black white color block

It was full on fun for all the celebrities who turned out at the MTV Movie Awards in hopes of winning a (totally fake) bucket of popcorn! And for me- who watched from the comfort of my couch with a totally real bucket of popcorn. (I think I kinda win!) For those of you who missed it all, the night’s entertainment was hosted by none other than Amy Schumer. Not sure who she is?? No worries, she doesn’t expect you to! Her opening line was as follows: “Half of you don’t know who I am, and half of you think I’m Meghan Trainor.” Mm-hmm, no expectations there. But in case I got your curiosity piqued, Amy Schumer is America’s funny gal and the star and creator of the hit sketch comedy Inside Amy Schumer. And FYI, we’re waiting with bated breath for the return of its 3rd season on April 21st.

Amy definitely had the audience on its toes with her unique brand of humor, her full on roast of Kevin Hart and his height, (or lack thereof), and an array of skits which basically involved her auditioning for last year’s biggest movies. The star of the show, though, in my humble opinion was her blue carpet, printed Balmain mini. The dress looked unbelievable, and Amy looked even more unbelievable in it! There’s something about black and white that is so versatile, so attention grabbing, and soooo…perfect for every single time of year. Loving that she kept it contemporary by choosing a color blocked print and to wear the dress super short. What truly put it over the top, though, were those red nails and those sky high, black leather, peep-toe pumps. And that-is-IT!! That was the entire look. Minimalistic is actually how I’d describe it, and I am obsessed!

Well ladies, you know what a dress obsession means. Match time! Color blocking is cool; whether it’s on a dress or on a scrub top. Check out this Cherokee Flexibles Color Blocked Round Neck Knit Top by Cherokee Scrubs. It’s black and white, just like Amy’s piece, and I’ll even let you in on a little secret. Those panels you see on the sides…those are magic panels! They give the illusion that you’ve been hitting the gym three times a week, when in all honesty, you haven’t seen a treadmill in months. Pair it with a sleek pair of black scrub pants, black nursing clogs, and pull your hair up into a coiffed bun just like Amy did. You know it’s perfect for the workplace, and besides, it’ll let your top take center stage! Till next time, my friends!


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