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Welcome to Careisma Scrubs by Sofia Vergara, a line of work wear developed for professional women, who want to be just that, professional and feminine. Working as a medical professional doesn't have to mean a life sentence in shapeless, dowdy nursing uniforms with lollipops and balloons printed on them.
If you like a little spice in your wardrobe and are looking to make a statement, this is the perfect line of medical scrubs for you.
A little bit of sassy, a little bit of flirty and a whole lot of design and detail went into the creation of this collection to create pieces that work together beautifully. And we get that you need to move and bend and, on occasion, even run, so our line of nursing scrubs offer some stretch in a more fitted shape all in bold, exciting colors and patterns. Take a look at our flattering and fashionable scrub tops, jackets and pants that will see you through any shift looking polished and poised. We know you are going to love them!
Let our friendly sales staff help you in choosing those perfect fashion scrub tops and jackets that make a statement. Contact us via live chat or by calling 888.56.SCRUBS.
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