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Carhartt Scrubs Models


Carhartt Scrubs; a brand which has coded function, as well as perfect fit and feel into the DNA of each uniform top, bottom, and lab coat. We know that a strong medical professional like yourself deserves equally strong medical scrubs.

Carhartt Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms

If it doesn't have a purpose, it doesn't belong. Such is the motto of the Carhartt brand, where function is everything. Manufactured by a decades old company that is renowned for their commitment to creating only the highest quality work-wear, the Carhartt nursing uniform is the work-wear brand of scrubs. As such, every pocket placement is thought through, as is every pen holder, drawstring, and elastic. The idea is to provide each hardworking medical professional, whether man or woman, with a medical uniform that will work just as hard as them.


Durability is one word that sums up the legendary fabric that Carhartt medical uniforms are comprised of. Famous for their ripstop fabric, a 55% cotton/45% poly weave, these scrubs are made to put up with all the wear and tear that the medical professional endures on a daily basis. The innovative ripstop fabric is lightly sanded on the inside and fits and feels like a work-wear dream. Designed especially to resist rips and tears, these are Carhartt scrubs that seriously work as hard as you do!

The Carhartt Force Crossflex line incorporates the revolutionary Stain Breaker® technology into the fabric of each uniform releasing stain easily, not allowing them to set in permanently. There is also FastDry® technology in each product to quickly wick away the moisture so that the busy nurse can feel fresh and comfortable throughout her shift. Add Rugged Flex® technology, a stretch element to allow easy movement, to the mix and you’ve got an absolutely amazing nursing scrub that you are sure to feel great in!


While function may be the first commandment when it comes to designing Carhartt scrubs, fit is a close second. Featuring a classic, relaxed fit, these nursing scrubs will keep you feeling comfortable and unrestrained as you go about your busy shift. The clean lines and tight seams, made possible by double and triple needle stitching, are further strengthened by a specialized reinforced thread, giving you a tough medical uniform that can put up with almost anything!


There is good reason why Carhartt has a solid group of fans who wouldn’t wear any other brand of scrubs. No-nonsense, functional, and able to withstand just about anything, these scrub uniforms are just like the hardworking medical professionals who wear them.


Carrying a full selection of hospital scrub for women as well as for men, Carhartt is the number one choice for those who appreciate top quality.

Their women’s nursing scrub collection includes both solid and printed scrub tops, nursing pants, warm up medical jackets, as well as a choice of lab coats and underscrubs tees. And boy are there choices; there are flare leg scrub bottoms, straight legged pants, drawstring waisted ones, and of course an abundance of pocket options, just to name a few of the many uniform varieties available from the Carhartt brand.

For the men in the medical world, with Carhartt you’ve seriously got everything you need in medical apparel. From classic male scrub tops, to medic pants, scrub tees and nurse jackets; they’ve got it all!

They even have compression socks for both men and women so that you can experience the true Carhartt comfort all the way down to your toes.


At Carhartt they want to let everyone have the opportunity to experience the Carhartt difference, including those in need of plus sized scrubs. That is why they designed their scrubs in sizes ranging from XS-5XL, as well as petite scrubs, short and extra tall scrub pants for both men and women.

Carhartt is proud to manufacture their scrubs in the United States, ensuring a top quality uniform. They recently rolled out their newest surgical scrub line, Carhartt Liberty, containing a scrub set for both men and women with a slimmer fit, along with all the great features that the Carhartt uniform is famous for.

Check out this amazing collection of strong doctor scrubs today, and soon you’ll become the die-hard fan who won’t wear anything else.

For any scrub related questions contact our friendly sales staff-they will be happy to assist you!

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