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Cherokee Form

Form by Cherokee Models Wearing Nursing Scrubs

Say hello to Cherokee Form Scrubs! These nursing uniforms come in many different shades, so that you can conform to your color code while wearing scrubs that form to your figure flatteringly, letting you look awesome.

These scrubs are sure to become a favorite of many medical professionals, for quite a number of reasons. Are you wondering what those reasons might be? Well, then read on for details!


So, firstly, there’s the fabric. These scrubs are crafted from a fabric fusion of Spandex knit and Nylon, resulting in a lightweight, comfortable feel with a subtle stretch. They also have moisture wicking capabilities, which will have those awkward spills or any wetness drying up super fast. Oh, and honestly, since these nursing scrubs feel so fabulous on, you may find it surprising to know that they are actually quite durable!


These nursing scrubs are made to fit today’s medical professionals. Literally. They come in nearly every size that a guy or girl would fit into! For men, there are options ranging from extra-small to 3XL, and for the ladies, there are all those sizes, PLUS extra-extra-small! There are men’s pants available in the following lengths: 28 ½ inches, 31 inches, and 34 inches. Women can find Cherokee Form scrub pants in the following lengths: 26 ½ inches, 28 ½ inches, 29 inches, 31 inches, 32 inches, and 34 inches. Whew! You have to agree that that’s a LOT of lengths! The reason for that is that these scrubs are made to fit today’s medical professionals. As many of them as possible!


These Cherokee scrubs are contouring and flattering; they’ll form to your figure in a way you’ll love. They are wonderfully contemporary fitting; not too snug, but not baggy either; perfect for any stylish medical professional who enjoys looking her best!


Pretty princess seams, chic rose-gold hardware, stylish shirttail-hems and flattering tapering are just a few things you’ll find on some of these scrubs. If you’re looking for medical apparel that screams fashion while flattering your figure like never before, Cherokee Form nursing uniforms are likely your best bet!


Yes, these scrubs are exceedingly durable. They’re easy to care for, and come with lots of practical features, which you’ll find out more about immediately below!


Okay, so you’ve probably realized by now that Cherokee Form scrubs are chic and sophisticated. But just how functional are they? Are they practical? Well, actually, they are extremely practical, and come with too many features to mention! Nearly all Cherokee Form scrubs come with plenty of pockets, and some have elastic waistbands, others feature underarm power mesh panels, and then there are even ones with zip side vents.

For Him & Her

Yes, there are options for both men and women's nursing scrubs in the Cherokee Form collection! Because which medical professional doesn’t deserve a set of Cherokee Form Scrubs?

Here’s what Cherokee Uniforms themselves has to say about these scrubs: “They’re incredibly durable, exceedingly versatile, and as sophisticated as scrubs can be.” Need we say more???

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