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We all want to make a positive impression wherever we go; and now with the all new Cherokee Statement scrubs you could do just that-and easily.


Seamlessly chic, with the perfect balance of a trendy, yet classy look, these signature nursing scrubs for women made by Cherokee Scrubs will have you looking just right. We know that quality matters, especially when the daily rigors of your job put your scrubs through a whole lot of wear and tear. With the legendary Cherokee brand you can be assured of a high quality, durable scrub uniform that is made to put up with a whole lot of abuse.

But don’t worry, although style is of utmost importance for the designers at the Cherokee uniforms headquarters, functionally is a top priority as well. Featuring abundant strategically placed pockets on their scrub tops, nurse jackets and scrub pants, now you can always have what you need at your fingertips.

And as you run, stretch and bend, you are sure to appreciate the super comfy stretch flexibility these uniforms afford you with. Made from a poly, rayon and spandex fabric blend, these are doctor scrubs that feel as amazing as they look- and that says a lot!


Designed especially for ladies, these are modern, yet feminine scrubs for women who know a thing or two about fashion! With a contemporary fit to highlight your curves and show off your figure, these are stylish nursing uniforms at their best. The soft stretch fabric cuts close to the body without hugging it too tightly for a slimming and flattering effect, without compromising on comfort. Now you can truly look amazing at all times, even while on the job!


With rich rose color accented zippers brilliantly showcased on each scrub piece, you will look elegant, professional and stylish all at once. Who said nursing apparel has to be unfashionable and tacky? With Statement scrubs people will have to take a double look at you to see if you are actually wearing scrubs-you will really look that good!


You will have a hard time choosing between a stylish curved v-neck and an uber trendy zip front scrub top. Can’t decide which one to go with? Get both, you won’t regret it! Pair your scrub shirt with either a flare leg or slim legged scrub bottom, and you are seriously set to go! Oh, and don’t forget to grab a scrub jacket to ward off the chill on the cooler days. Clad in your Cherokee Statement Uniform you can be assured that you are dressed for success. Get ready to start gathering loads of compliments; they are sure to be coming your way.

Try out the Statement collection today, and see for you yourself how amazing you can look in your nursing scrubs. You won’t look back. Promise.

Contact us today for any medical uniform related questions. Our knowledgeable sales reps will be happy to assist you!

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