Cherokee Women's No Show Socks-STRYPEAPOSE

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Cherokee Hosiery 6-3pr Packs Of No Show Socks STRYPEAPOSE

Sassy Sue Says

Sassy Sue Says

Everyone needs a big pack of reliable ankle-high socks that will give them good company in the colder months. Cherokee Hosiery 6-3pr Pair Pack of Mens No Show Sock Strypeapose might just be the very thing you have been looking for. Assorted designs include sky blue, bright pink and dove gray in combination with jet black in a striped pattern accented by a band of color at the ankles. Whether you are relaxing at home in front of a roaring fireplace reading a great book, training at the gym to get rid of those extra pounds you gained over the holiday or slaving away at your medical center, these simple little socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable.  Not to mention, there is no chance that your skin will become irritated or develop fungal infections because Cherokee ensures your skin can breathe freely with excellent selection of hosiery materials.