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Cherokee Workwear Models

Made for the masses, the Cherokee Workwear Scrub line features basic styles, extreme durability, and a consumer friendly price. Cherokee Scrubs created their Workwear lines for the busy healthcare professionals who truly care about their scrub uniform. And, they know a thing or two about designing high quality nursing uniforms. They’ve been in the business since 1972, now that is called years of experience!


As a nurse, your focus is on saving lives; and thanks to the Cherokee Workwear medical uniform line you can now do so with ease. The casual, practical designs are made from long-lasting durable fabrics, and are also wonderfully comfortable; think jeans and t-shirt comfortable.

At Cherokee they do their best to provide you with the ultimate uniform experience. That is why they get their fabrics from all over the world and craft their scrubs to meet the specific needs of nurses, doctors, and all those in the medical profession. They focus on comfort, durability, flexibility, softness, moisture wicking, and easy care. Because these things are important to you, they are important to them as well.

And to make sure you are getting a scrub uniform of the highest quality, they put their uniforms through the wringer before offering them to the public. They work with a panel of nurses who provide feedback on any new product before it hits the market. Their rigorous testing ensures that they meet the highest quality standards, because being the amazing healthcare professional that you are, you truly deserve the best.

Their collections include flexible stretch uniforms, having just the right amount of spandex to allow for extreme flexibility and comfort. And their new Cherokee Workwear Revolution Tech scrub line features uniforms with Certainty antimicrobial technology, keeping you safe and protected as you work to protect others.


Looking amazing in your nursing scrubs is a high priority for the designers at Cherokee. That is why their workwear collections boast slimming fits and cuts, which actually make you look good. There is something for everyone: for those who prefer a more traditional fit there are classic, roomier uniforms from Cherokee Workwear Originals, and for those who go for the modern, slimmer hospital scrub, they can enjoy the Cherokee Workwear Revolution Collection. No matter your fit preference, Cherokee Workwear has something for you!


There is a good reason why Cherokee Workwear is a bestseller. It’s a classic; dependable, easy to wear, and it boasts a timeless design; meaning it never goes out of style. But just because it’s workwear, it doesn’t mean you have to look outdated. The workwear of today has subtle style details which will have you looking chic, stylish and professional.


Selection, selection, selection. If anyone is famous for their huge selection, it’s got to be Cherokee. Their products are available in a plethora of colors and sizes to satisfy everyone. We're talking big, bold hues, soft pastels, classic shades etc. In short, if it's on the color spectrum, it's in the collection. These basic, work-with-everything medical scrubs are truly a must-have for your professional wardrobe. And with prices like these, you can’t afford NOT to buy them!

The following collections belong to the Cherokee Workwear uniform family:

Cherokee Workwear Originals
Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch
Cherokee Workwear Professionals
Cherokee Workwear Revolution
Cherokee Workwear Revolution Tech


From Petite to extra tall surgical scrubs, Cherokee has it all. With uniforms in sizes ranging from XXS to 5XL, they seriously have you covered.

Durable, dependable, comfortable, and most of all, affordable, the Cherokee Workwear medical scrubs line turns work into a pleasant, enjoyable experience. And remember, if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life!
For any questions regarding your Cherokee Workwear scrubs be sure to reach out to our helpful sales staff and they will be happy to assist you

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