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Cherokee Workwear Stretch Models



Stretch. The one word which sets apart the basic and affordable Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch Scrubs, from conventional Workwear line.
The basic styles and cuts of the Workwear Core Stretch nursing uniform line provide a fuss-free and hassle-free experience, enabling you to concentrate on what’s really important- namely, caring for your patients. To maximize your comfort, Cherokee has introduced two unique fabric blends, both of which are durable and available to you at a low cost. Choose between the premium core stretch blend and the premium rayon stretch blend. You’ll be pleased with whichever one you choose!
The premium core stretch fabric is a high-tech, two way stretch twill made of a blend of cotton, polyester and spandex. It promises extreme comfort, thanks to the high quality fabrics used, in addition to longevity, as it wards off fading and can handle a lifetime of wear and tear. The price, you ask? Unbeatable, as always. If you’re looking to take a more stylish approach, opt for the premium rayon stretch line. It’s made of two way rayon stretch, a blend of polyester, rayon and spandex, and contributes greatly to your overall comfort by providing an ultra-soft experience. What’s more, the premium rayon stretch provides durability, flexibility, and requires little maintenance. Despite its array of fabulous features, its price is very affordable; and since it is designed to last, you’ll have unlimited satisfaction from your purchase.
Both of Workwear Stretch’s well-priced options offer endless comfort, flexibility, and longevity. Remember, when you purchase Workwear Stretch scrubs, you are investing in a job well done!
Your satisfaction is our priority. Please feel free to reach out to our friendly sales staff with all your uniform questions and they will be happy to assist you.
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