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Code Happy Models

Feel safe and ultimately happy in your Code Happy scrubs, since happiness is...feeling safe. Thanks to revolutionary Certainty and Certainty PLUS technologies incorporated into each scrub top, bottom, jacket, and lab coat you can now be safety protected from harmful liquids and microbes.
Cherokee has pulled out all the steps with their Code Happy line of medical scrubs. Designed with the germ conscious medical professional in mind, these nursing uniforms boast the incredible Certainty anti-microbial technology, which serves to minimize the growth of bacteria you come in contact with while on the job. And if sweat has become a never-ending battle for you, you'll be pleased to learn that Certainty technology features odor minimizing properties as well. Cherokee has yet another surprise in store for the medical world: The medical uniforms in this line are available with Certainty PLUS technology as well. These nursing scrubs are anti-microbial, PLUS fluid resistant, thanks to tiny, whisker like fibers which essentially hold up any liquid that comes in contact with the uniform. Each piece was designed to perfection and aside for boasting contemporary styling, comes chock full of brand identifiers and convenient details such as hidden key rings, double pockets, D-rings and more. Issuing a Code Happy to all medical professionals out there!
For any assistance in choosing the perfect Code Happy Scrubs, reach out to our friendly sales staff and they will be glad to help!
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