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Dickies Retro Scrubs

Dickies Retro Models Wearing Nursing Scrubs

Dickies Retro scrubs are definitely fun, distinctly fashionable and undeniably cool; perfect for medical professionals with personality who want scrubs that will bring out their best. Looking for modern retro scrubs that will make heads turn? You’ve found ‘em, ladies and gentlemen!

These nursing scrubs are available in a selection of bold hues, and feature sleek, sharp looking details, with details that every medical practitioner will appreciate. We’re talking great prices (especially when you find them on Medical Scrubs Collection, where there’s always some sale going on), sleek details, durable fabrics, loads of colors and sizes, and more!

Focus on the Fit

These scrub uniforms may be retro in style, but they are awesomely modern in fit, with slimming seams and sophisticated tailoring. They gently hug the body, highlighting and contouring those curves in a way that only modern styles can achieve, and yet they don’t overdo it - they’re subtly professional even while being sleek and chic. Experience the nursing scrubs fit you’ve always wanted with a pair of Dickies Retro scrubs!

Check Out the Prices

If you’re a frequent customer at MSC, you’ve long ago realized that keeping cash in your pocket is one of our priorities. When it comes to finding the best prices, every savvy shopper knows where to go - Medical Scrubs Collection, of course, where there’s always scrubs on sale. And, to talk specifically about Dickies Retro scrubs, yes, our prices on these are better than those of most (and likely all) other online medical scrub stores. So, if you’re looking to keep those hard-earned greenbacks in your pocket, you’d prefer to get your uniform scrubs at Medical Scrubs Collection. And Dickies Retro scrubs would be a great option for you, because they’re quite affordable! You can often find options of Dickies Retro scrubs on MSC for under $20.

Take in the Details

Whether it’s about shirttail hems, side vents, princess seams, or contrast piping, the old adage still holds true with these chic retro scrubs: There’s beauty in the details. Soak in the stylish detail on these hospital scrubs, and show off your sense of style by wearing them to work your shift!

Feel the Fabric

These scrubs feel scrumptiously soft, since they are made from a quality stretch material blend that lets medical professionals feel awesome while doing their best to assist patients. The fabric is durable, yet comfortable. It’s Dickies Scrubs at their best.

Browse the Sizes

Nowadays, it’s not too hard to find extra-large scrubs. Many people need them, and therefore, many scrubs brands make sure to produce them. However, there’s something else that there’s a little less of a focus on these days: Petite scrub pants and tops. Finding extra-extra-small scrubs when you’re short and slim can be quite aggravating. But not if you know where to look! Dickies Retro scrubs, made for the young and bold, are available starting in size XXS, and they go up to size 3XL!

Click Through the Choices

There are options for both girls and guys in this collection. For the men, there’s a comfy men's scrub jacket, a top, and a pair of men’s scrub pants. There are also Dickies Retro Women’s scrubs, which feature all the same items, just designed for ladies - there’s a V-neck scrub top, a jacket, a pair of women’s scrub jogger pants, and a top to go along! Click through the choices, and find what you need on Medical Scrubs Collection. Shop Dickies Retro Scrubs now!

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