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Crack out the fairy dust, because by wearing Disney scrubs, you’re about to make a little girl or boy’s wish come true!

When you walk into the room wearing one of Cherokee’s Disney nursing scrubs, your little patients will feel right at home; after all, who can resist the effervescent charm of those happy-go-lucky Disney characters? In order to keep your adorable pediatric patients feeling at ease, Cherokee Scrubs is constantly updating their Disney scrub tops collection, choosing the latest, most popular characters for you to team up with so that you can provide top-notch care in a happy environment.

As always, Cherokee Uniforms remains at the top of the scrubs uniform industry. In fact, they have exclusive rights to Disney characters, so you won’t find these cute, kid-friendly designs anywhere else. And we’ve got your favorite characters; Winnie the Pooh scrubs, Mickey Mouse scrubs, and even Lion King scrubs. Wear Cherokee’s Disney nursing uniform tops, and watch as your little patients’ eyes light up with glee!

And, MSC is always running amazing sales, so this is THE place to find cheap Disney scrubs! Contact our friendly sales staff to help you in matching your Disney top to a comfortable pair of scrub pants,or pair it to the perfect Disney nurse jacket to keep you warm through those long shifts. Reach them today via live chat or by calling 888.56.SCRUBS.
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