Elan Scrubs Models

Saw one, saw them all, right? Not this time. Elan, by definition, is a combination of style and vigor. A one-of-a-kind fabric featuring limited edition prints is the Elan by Barco philosophy, redefining style and pushing the envelope in the world of medical scrubs.
Elan scrubs embody a fashion foundation of inimitable style and are made with one of the most difficult manufacturing processes in the industry, all in order to produce exceptional fabrics for the discerning medical professional. Each season features four new prints that have a life span of just one run, for unique, limited edition women's scrub styles. Designed by Barco’s designers and graphic artists, the printing is done on paper first and then transferred onto pre-embroidered fabric. The paper-based printing keeps Elan scrubs eco-friendly, while ensuring that the colors don’t run during washing.
In a word, Elan is elegance. It’s a professional take on the oh-so-hot prints being featured on the world’s runways. Choose from two styles for each print, and know that you own exclusive rights to your scrub top, because it will never be repeated. Oh, the envy!
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