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Let's Get Personal

Your scrubs are jealous. Of what, you ask? Of that badge of honor those scrubs down the hall have been wearing with pride. You see, those scrubs are embroidered, and to truly make it in the world of scrubs, and to totally stand out from the pack, a medical scrub requires a fabulous monogram, a professional logo, or both. We broke down the embroidery process into four easy steps. Go make your scrubs happy.

Before We Begin

  • You should be extremely careful when selecting embroidery options, as embroidered items are non-returnable.
  • Line embroidery adds approximately 3-5 business days to the delivery time of your order.
  • Custom logos, as well as group orders larger than 20 pieces, add approximately 7-10 business days to the delivery time of your order.

To add embroidery details to your order, or if you have embroidery inquiries we may not have answered on this page, pick up the phone and dial 888.56.SCRUB. We're here to help, so let's get started!

Step 1: Find a Fun Font

Choose from the text styles below and let us know whether you'd prefer it in uppercase or lowercase.

  • First line: $4.98
  • Each additional line: $3.98
  • 3 line maximum
  • 18 characters/spaces per line
  • Embroidered text height: 1/2" per line

Fonts for Embroidery


Step 2: Choose the hue that's right for you

Forest Green
Bright Yellow


Step 3: Logo? Yes, Please

We offer lots of cool stock logos. Have your own? Great, we'll embroider it!
  • Add an available stock logo for $5.98.  To add an available stock logo, just enter the logo name as the facility code when you click “add custom embroidery” on the product page.  (Ex: Logo 1= code: logo1, Logo 2= code: logo2 etc.)
  • Custom logos: A $50 one-time set-up/digitizing fee applies, and then it's $5.98 a piece. Please specify the width of your logo in inches.
Logos and Emblems for Embroidery

Step 4: Where, oh where, should it go?

Now where would the embroidery look best? Left chest, right chest or both? How about embroidering the left or right sleeve near the hemline? The choice is yours.
Placement of Embroidery

...All done!

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