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Every medical professional requires a solid support system. And a solid pair of supportive shoes. Available in a range of on-trend styles and brilliant colors, our vast footwear collection offers the comfort and support you need to survive any shift.
Aching feet? Burning back? It may be the plague of the medical people, but don’t think you have to suffer as well. We have a selection of stylish shoes sure to perfectly complement your scrubs wardrobe. Choose from classic or modern, clogs or athletic-inspired, slip-ons or lace; it’s up to you! Of course, comfort is the number one priority. We carry Cherokee and Landau footwear, both of which are renowned for their unparalleled comfort and superior quality. Featuring the finest leather, padded insoles and moisture wicking linings, the technology incorporated into each of our shoes is sure to have you running about with the greatest of ease. Many of our shoes even boast slip-resistant soles, ensuring that you don’t fall prey to slippery hallways. Plus, our shoes all help you maintain a proper posture, which is key to avoiding fatigue and back pain. Bottom line? At the end of the day, your entire body will thank you for choosing the best for your feet!
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