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Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

Make it a beautiful day to save lives in the official line of Grey’s Anatomy™ scrubs by Barco Uniforms. The unique attention to detail that is found in each scrub piece will keep you looking McDreamy while running between patients.


The Grey’s Anatomy uniform boasts extreme comfort and durability with ArcLux fabric, an ultra-soft poly rayon fabric blend that indulges your skin with its luxurious feel. Indulgently comfortable, these nursing scrubs are as authentic and resilient as the healthcare professional who wears them.

Grey’s Anatomy™ medical scrubs are designed true to Barco’s mission of keeping health professionals looking good coming and going, with tailored detailing on both front and back that is non-metallic, keeping the uniforms hospital friendly. Your nursing scrubs will express your star power, as ABC approves all designs, and the show’s actors wear medical uniforms from the actual Grey’s Anatomy™ collection. “Patients see us as gods or they see us as monsters. But the fact is, we're just people.” At the least, look like a vision from heaven with a scrubs uniform that feature ArcLux technology, a super-soft fabric that indulges your skin with a luxurious feel and drapes nicely on your frame.

Moisture wicking, all day freshness, easy care, and maximum comfort are all part and parcel of the great qualities you will find in a Grey’s Anatomy uniform.


You will look great in the modern fit Grey’s Anatomy scrub pants and tops, including options for petite scrubs and plus-sized scrubs. They have a slightly more relaxed fit, with a bit of tapering to provide that perfect flattering look. Included in the collection are also some classic fitting uniform pieces featuring a roomier look that is super comfortable and gives off a timeless and dignified appearance.


With the flawless design and style, including options like Caribbean blue scrubs, Grey's Anatomy uniforms have become a model of sorts for what the ideal nursing scrub should look like. Fashion forward, yet not over the top trendy, there is good reason why people keep ordering Grey's Anatomy scrubs, including the popular Caribbean blue scrubs.


Available in women’s and men's scrub styles with a range of sizes, you don’t have to be a TV star to know the joy of a Grey’s Anatomy™ scrub. “They say the bigger your investment, the bigger your return.” Meredith knows it. And with Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, boy have you got choices. There is something for everyone! From women’s and men’s scrub pants to a huge selection of scrub tops, all in a choice of beautiful colors, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs Barco have got you covered. And they didn’t forget the necessary extras; when the weather gets a bit chillier you are sure to look sharp and professional in your Grey’s Anatomy scrub jacket or lab coat. With a choice of snap front and zip up nurse jackets, you can choose the style that suits you best.

And if there is a baby on the way, Grey’s Anatomy maternity scrubs are the way to go. The maternity cargo scrubs are super comfy with a soft top panel that will expand along with your belly, and the empire waist maternity scrub top will keep you looking great all pregnancy long!


With scrubs coming in sizes ranging from XXS-5XL, Grey’s Anatomy can be worn by practically everyone! And their scrub pants come in short and tall options for men, and tall pants and petite scrub pant options for women; so that the short to the very tall can enjoy the Grey’s Anatomy uniform advantage.

Grey’s Anatomy features a number of uniform collections that will keep even the most discerning healthcare professional looking and feeling great. All of Grey's Anatomy scrubs boast the legendary high quality craftsmanship, timeless fashionable style, and functional details that have earned them the Cadillac name in nursing uniforms.

The following lines are proud members in the Grey’s Anatomy scrub family;

Grey’s Anatomy Impact- As an individual in the medical field you want to make your everlasting impact and help make the world a healthier and better place. With the iconic Impact uniform line you can not only make your mark, you can also look amazing while doing it. Featuring a perfect modern fit, top-notch design, super comfortable stretch fabric, and numerous functional details you’ll see why this nursing uniform became a fast favorite to those in the uniform know.

Grey’s Anatomy Signature- If you’re looking to treat yourself to a luxurious medical uniform you’ll want to check out the Grey's Anatomy Signature scrubs line. Crafted from an indulgently soft 4-way stretch fabric, and featuring a beautiful fit, while loaded with practical details this is the ultimate in nursing scrubs for women.

Grey’s Anatomy Spandex Stretch- Grey’s Anatomy brings comfort in nursing scrubs to a whole new level with their Spandex Stretch uniform line. This medical scrub is THE ultimate in stretch flexibility, making all that running and bending a whole lot easier. And, of course you’ll be treated to a high fashion and quality scrub that Grey’s Anatomy is famous for.

Grey’s Anatomy Active- Designed for the busy healthcare professional, the Grey’s Anatomy Active scrubs will help keep you feeling energized throughout your long day. The uniforms sport an athletic look, and are comprised of a super flexible stretch fabric that will keep you feeling fit and fashionable all shift long.

Grey’s Anatomy Edge- Modern, simple and positively chic, Grey’s Anatomy Edge scrubs are will certainly give you an edge over the others. Designed from Nylex super fabric, these uniforms are made to put up with the constant wear and tear they go through. Extremely comfortable, flawlessly fitting, and super sharp looking is a great way to sum up the Edge collection.

Choose Grey’s Anatomy by Barco for a high quality uniform that will only feel great, but look amazing as well.
Let us know how we can help you in choosing the perfect set of Grey’s Anatomy scrubs. Please reach out to our friendly sales staff and they will be happy to assist you.


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