Grey's Anatomy Signature Models


It’s the Derek Shepherd of doctors, the Bentley of scrubs. Grey’s Anatomy™ Signature scrubs are the essence of indulgence, made of the signature Grey’s Anatomy™ ArcLux fabric, and woven with four-way stretch. Get your glamor on with scrubs so luxurious, you touch it, you buy it.
Says Eileen, lead designer at Barco, “You have your Monday scrubs, your Tuesday scrubs… These are your Friday scrubs.” Grey’s Anatomy™ Signature Series add that special something to soften those shifts of gore. The unique fabric employs a nice weight that maintains the luxury feel despite the added stretch.
All aspects of the collection are designed and produced for the scrubs connoisseur. Grey’s Anatomy™ Signature lab coats are chemical free, domestically manufactured by Milliken, and are consistently white. In keeping with the distinctiveness of this line, all prints are designed in-house, and are exclusive to Barco. Down to the detailed tailoring of warm-up jackets that fall nicely when worn open, these scrubs are fitting for the stars they represent. It’s star-scale luxury for the celebrities of healthcare.
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